It’s time to focus on a homeless solution that tackles the root cause. We create career training options, food security, and second chances. Join us in cultivating a new hope for the homeless community in the Niagara region.

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Who We Are

We are driven to serve the local low-income community because we have experienced food insecurity ourselves.  Due to strong support and favourable circumstances, we were able to pull ourselves up. Now that we have financial stability, we want to give back to the Niagara community with the knowledge and resources that we have acquired.  What we have to offer is our expertise in farming, greenhouse operations, and running a country store.

We hire individuals from low-income backgrounds and provide training in farming operations and business management, which are high-demand skills in the Niagara Region. At the same time, we grow produce to be donated to food banks throughout the area.  Therefore, at every level of operation, we are fighting food insecurity and serving the low-income community

Join us in our community goal. Participate in our mission. Reach out to us to see how you can be a part of this great movement.

CHANGE is Imperative

Let’s Try Something NEW

Our intentions are not to replace existing charities. They provide necessities to the homeless and food centre’s in Niagara. Our goal is to expand these services. To give the homeless and low-income families a second chance. A chance to be self-sufficient with new career options. A Foundation of Hope. By way of one-on-one career training. Freeing many from needing social assistance programs. Our mission is to tackle a homelessness root cause.

The Niagara Falls region gives us a great place to provide this training. Businesses and farms in the community can use this labour. It’s a win-win situation for everyone and the future.

Our Plan

Second chances offer a permanent solution for hope and prosperity.

Second chances offer a permanent solution for hope and prosperity. Everyone can appreciate when given the chance to succeed. Homelessness and low-income families find it hard to make ends meet. While social programs are built to provide aid as a last resort. It’s not sustainable. Providing the means for local food security is the pot of gold. It will give vulnerable community members a better chance.

The region of Niagara is perfect for agriculture. For greenhouses, hydroponics, and tourist businesses. All built around the food industry. Restaurants and Cafes can take advantage of our products. In turn, industries can take advantage of labour by our trained members. It can be a self-sustaining food market. Bringing prosperity to the community members. It’s a pay it forward system. A pay it back system to the community. It’s a pay it to oneself for the people that need it the most. It will create personal success stories. All across the Niagara Falls regional communities.

Our Timeline


We have been working hard for the past six months on our business plan. Covid-19 has put us behind, but our business plans are ready to go! We’ve been working with the right contacts who have joined the board of directors. We have registered the business with Industry Canada as of July 1st. We’re applying for charitable status as we speak. So, please stay tuned for further updates.


Our goal this year is to work on a proof of concept. With initial funding we will set up a hydroponics system. We will create training programs we can implement for 2021. With our existing experience, this is an attainable goal. We look forward to the future and having more community involvement. We’ve been engaged by local community members to participate. It’s been great so far.


By the summer of 2021 we hope to be in full production. With a set of programs in place for participants in the community. There will be choices for training. We will have options lined up to provide local food security. Our main goal of ongoing employment training for participants will be in motion. We will be by then executing our entire business plan. Contact us for more details.

Receiving donations for the program is only an initial goal. We want to build a sustainable charity. One that doesn’t require year over year funding. Our hope is to use new net new funds for further expansion. Including offering free training for members in the community. Or across multiple industries.

We need help on many levels, other than money. So join us in our quest to give hope to our community’s most vulnerable.

With this new charity model we hope to be a model for other areas. In Ontario, and across other provinces and territories.

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Share Your Space

Food production requires several resources to make it successful. Technology, labour, land or facilities (rural and urban), and knowledge. The key aspect of our plan is to make this a community effort. We know there are vacant lots, no longer in use barns, and farmland. There are plenty of backyards with small plots available. We would like to be able to reserve those spaces for our program. Getting the current owners’ buy-in to participate. We would cover immediate expenses like hydro. We want this to be a team effort. To utilization resources we have in the community makes sense. We then don’t have to use donations to build more facilities. Money can then go to programs that will make a direct impact. Contact us today if you live in the Niagara Falls region. If you feel you a plot we can use. We could use your gift to help us grow products for the homeless. As well as providing training options for its members.

Volunteer Your Time

Charities run on people, not money. They run on the commitment to the community. They run on a community effort. There is nothing that will make this more of a success than our members and you. That can mean a variety of things. A few hours a week tending a garden. Talking to people in Niagara Falls area, or reaching to people in need. Organization of charity functions will be a must. To help us move this project forward. Your employer, neighbour, or an existing charity, they can all contribute. Make a conscious decision to help. Or call us if you have free time to join our movement.

Promote us On Social Media

Social Media is an excellent gateway for spreading our message. For sharing our ideas, and promoting community matters. We would like to encourage everyone to share our website and Facebook page. Share not just in our communities and direct contacts, but elsewhere. If you have the ability to showcase our plan, please do so. So we can provide food security, training, and second chances.

Get in touch with us at any time to discuss how you can help share our vision. Share our hope on how we want to help the homeless and low-income families. Communicate and share. Thanks!