We use this term to include our partners that will work within the charity. All of which will make it successful. That includes the Niagara municipal government and its services. Social assistance programs, local businesses, and consumers. Right down to our charity partners, local farmers, and recipients.


Our primary recipients are homeless and low-income families. We will provide an abundance of food, alongside career training, employment, and a sense of hope for the future. Food security and future career goals and opportunities are vital to the mental health of these vulnerable members of our community.

While we intend to provide our services as noted, we are aware that initially, we will have limited space. As such, we plan to help other charities in Niagara Falls with our products.

One of the benefits and intake considerations for funding is to be able to sell products to our community members and businesses directly. Everyone can participate, knowing that they can get locally produced food from us, local farmers, and local gardens by creating a pickup and distribution service in the area.

Homeless and Low-Income Families

Niagara Falls is not unlike other communities. The number of homeless and low-income families struggling to get by is up. More and more people are accessing local charities. Needing immediate assistance with shelter, food and necessities. It’s becoming more and more of a problem, and Covid-19 has made things even worse. The separation of those that have and those that have not is widening. With community growth we are going to see a greater increase. All dependent on the system for their needs. It’s a known issue, without so far a permanent solution.

Our goal is to try to get in front of this. We need a strategy, and we need a road map for change. We need to collaborate on the existing charities we have. A plan is needed to understand how to make it all work. A plan to utilize all our resources as one cohesive unit. We hope that our food production will give everything a head start.

We need not just a plan to provide the necessities. We need a plan to provide hope for the further. That is career and job training and a path of hope for the future.

Local Food Programs

Niagara food charities provide an essential service to the needy. There are many of them. Our goal is to be able to assist their services and provide when we can. To produce and grow food in our facilities within the community. We will establish food pickup locations. On family farms, and within urban community gardens. All a part of our local food program. A growing and food distribution service.

Covid-19 has hammered home the need for a better food security plan. For the most vulnerable in the community in Niagara Falls. The economy will get back in order. Then we to get to work. We want to work with various community programs and government. To move our plan and goals into action with your help.

If you’re volunteering for a local food program, please get in touch with us. Find out more about our Niagara Charity. Help us establish how we may be able to assist you in the future.


Donations and partnerships go hand-in-hand. We are looking for major donors and contributors. For fundraising events and to support our plan. If you would like to be a part of that process, reach out to us. Do you have experience with fundraising? We could use your help with that. Contact us to find out how you can participate. It would be much appreciated.

Our training programs will ensure our participants get a planned education. It’s a strategy to move forward. We have a number of other skill sets where we’re going to provide. Training other than the food production, and that is technology. If you have a skill you would like to help train others, call us. Let’s have a discussion. The more options we have for training the better.

Local farmers, growers, and local businesses will play a key role. All will be a part of a coordinated effort. This will bring as many resources as possible. To come up with the strategy for getting the results we need. It’s a way to utilize resources, the community, for a joint effort. To provide food security in Niagara. We want everyone to think about how you can make our charity unique.

Local Farmers & Growers

Covid-19 has taught us a lot about our local workforce. It taught us that there are not enough skilled workers for our food systems. We do not have enough of our own seasonal workers.

We need to access how we support our local farmers. We need to support and use our local economies better. Having been a farmer, we understand the need for skilled staff. For seasonal work, and for local options. It is vital to our farming operations and food production systems. We hope to assist farmers with their existing production systems. To provide expansion capabilities for increased production. The key to any expansion is resources. We have the resources. We just need to train them. In doing so, we can increase local resources and sales.

What is the best approach? By providing resources and local pickup and distribution services. Right to local consumers and businesses. We can increase our local farming community. Providing a self-sustaining food security system.

If you’re a farmer or someone who has space to grow food, call us. Get in touch with one of our members, so you can move us forward.


There is an opportunity to grown and provide farm-fresh, local grown food. To restaurants and cafes in the Niagara region. As a farmer, you need to be able to sell your produce. A community restaurant needs produce. What’s required is a food distribution and sales solution. Beneficial to all parties working as a team. Our charity is tapping into this opportunity. To provide fresh products year-round. We are reliant on imports in some cases. Not reliant on local economic benefits. We just talked about our Farmers and local Growers as a commodity. It’s time to look at the opportunity within our local tourist trade.

If you’re a restaurant or cafe, we want you to participate. There are multiple ways you can do so. You can purchase some of our food products to support the charity. That’s in itself supports your local community. We have another offer. Our goal is to provide recipients, training and job options in your business. We can offset when possible some labour costs. All based on your food purchases. It’s a win-win offer.

What we’re discussing is a reliance of a business on few factors. Local employment tailored trained staff. Local resources, local food, and distribution services. All working in coordination with each other. Dependent on each other.

Other Businesses

Business sponsors are going to be special contributors. They will be partners in our business model. We are looking for businesses that would like to participate. To be a major part of our initiatives. These partners would wish to make more substantial donations. The offerings of these partners can give more than just money. Including allowing us to use any space that might be available. A building, warehouse, land, etc. Or places that may be available in the short term. All where we could establish a short-season growing facility.

We are looking at ways to market and advertise for local businesses. We can use our services, contacts, website, as a tool to do this. With our charities exposure this can create value.

To provide assistance, we need to understand the history of those in need. We need a complete evaluation. Assistance profile for each member will be important. We can assess current skill set, experience, and their needs. We will then create an approach to best utilize each member.

It’s a full circle, beneficial to all, service model. Your business can benefit from our program. Please contact us to discuss how you can participate. As a service, we can provide value to you, and you to the charity.

Community Members

With community member buy-in, we know that this can work. It will take everyone. From community members and SMB’s. To existing social programs in the Niagara region, and beyond. This will take all members coming from a different economic status. To create a single goal of food security. It all comes down to food security, meeting the needs of everyone. Everyone needs food, and a future.

We have an opportunity to utilize all existing resources. From rural to urban areas within Niagara Falls. To distribute the produce and food products we can grow. We can provide the necessities of life while assessing their needs. A goal of employment and career training for the future.

One of the needs of our charity and hope is that we can get people talking. Discussing how to move beyond providing just the necessities. To begin to utilize the resources we have to move everyone forward. That starts with people.