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We want to thank you for your generous donation. Whether it is a one-time donation or a monthly contribution. 100% of all donations will go to our charity’s business plan. Contact us to get a complete update on our progress. Catch up with us on social media. Visit our website for further updates.

Due to Covid-19 we understand that not everyone can contribute. For those who can, we thank you.

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Donations can take various forms, and they’re all used to move us forward. We look at a donation as help. It can be monetary, but your time is just as valuable to us. We are happy to have help in any way you can.

We Value Your Time

Time is the most valuable commodity in any charity. The more time we receive from our participants, the more work we can do. The more we can accomplish. If you’re wondering how we can utilize your time, there are plenty of ways. We’re happy to have you as a partner.

A few critical items on our list. Discussions with various businesses and services. Various charities and potential people that will use our service. Just to name a few.

We want to build a database of our partners and members. Then build an assistance profile for each.

It’s a road map to all our services and the possible reach we can achieve. It’s an in-depth knowledge of the market and our niche charity. We can utilize future career options by way of real-world facts.

We need people to work with us at various locations. Planting, taking care of, growing, and nurturing our growing plants and animals. That includes working with local farmers and backyard growing stations. We will utilize all these for our food growing and collection systems.

There is a lot more you can work with us on. Organizing fundraisers as well. Give us a call to help us figure out where you can best participate.

Can A Community Change A Country?

A bold question that demands an in-depth look at the problem. We need to address food security in a big way. To do that, we need labour, and we have just the labour force in mind. The same people that need food security the most.

Food security is a global issue and a problem across Canada. We need to consider that capitalism is here to stay. That the management of food production systems is through a few major players. Our Niagara Falls community depends on the food industry. The same as it is everywhere. We need to find a way to work with it, and at the same time, work around it.

Charities receive donations in the millions yearly. Yet we’re where we are without any significant change. Charities offer a positive approach to dealing a problem. But not a way to solve it. We can’t dismiss the criticality of charities, and the gift they provide. Or, communities, and the heroes behind them.

Let’s consider all that information. At the same time, we can’t foresee all food being free. This isn’t Star Trek. We don’t have food replicators, or do we? Can a charity provide food security for the community?

We need to consider the upstream and downstream supply chains. There are requirements for the production, processing, delivery. We need food storage for food that’s available in season and not. It’s a huge ask.

Changing our economy and how it works, it’s complicated. We will need local government support to manage business expectations. We will need provincial and federal government support. Solving this problem requires a country.

Can we take the strengths of capitalism and improve food security? Can we address where our food is coming from and who it serves? While changing the lives of those in need? Using the same community members that are most vulnerable?

Is it possible to redefine what it means to buy local? We think it’s critical to the approach of food security. We all need to participate. Buying local is effective when it’s grown in our community. We need to collaborate on who grows it, and where it grows. It’s great we can buy wine and fruit from local farmers. That doesn’t even cover off 5% of what’s needed for food security. We need to use our local farmers, and markets to produce more. Imagine if we grew 80% of everything the community needs.

So how do we move beyond capitalism. Beyond year over year donations? We create a self-sufficient food production system. We produce as many food products as possible. Using our community, to produce for our community. In a community effort.

The charity can operate with the sale of produce to businesses. Selling produce to those that can afford it. Operating costs are then covered without the need for funding. We employ and train the homeless and low-income families. That work with and for the system. We support and use the local economy. A symbiotic system where everything works dependent on the whole. With our Niagara tempered climate, growing food here is ideal. We need to change our community’s economic dependency. On outside countries, policies and supply chains. Creating a cohesive system for everyone local.

No outcome has been changed by doing the same thing over and over. If the possibility exists to accomplish this, it’s worth discussing.