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Ways to give back to the community in Niagara Falls


The community of Niagara Falls is littered with those who care, healthcare workers, philanthropists, volunteers, and community workers. The art of giving back is called philanthropy. Often, people work for a cause for the welfare of the community.

It is a combined effort of everyone from volunteers to donors that are involved. They work to eliminate societies’ problem and increase wellness in people and community. We are all capable of impacting our community for the better.

Much like most cities, Niagara too has a specific fundraising season which is during the fall and winter. Some are related to helping fund research to find a cure for something or some to help nonprofit agencies that have uplifting social programs.

Fundraisers give you a chance to give back to the community, learn to be empathetic by hearing how your communities’ struggles are being dealt with and make informed decisions about being part of the solution.

Working collectively as a group rather than on an individual level can be more impactful for the communities that need your help. Charitable events are beneficial in the way you can connect with organizations making a difference in the communities.

These works can be a source of inspiration for you. If you’re looking for ways of giving back to your community, then we have a list that might help you narrow down your choices and see how you can do your part.


Participate in Fundraisers and Charity Events

If you’ve already decided to help out, you’ll likely find a cause that inspires you. Use the motivation for that cause in assisting or creating fundraisers or charity events in your community.

Many NGOs are working in Niagara Falls for homelessness, food insecurity, child care, etc. that have fundraisers planned.

Almost every organization is on the lookout for volunteers for relief work, programs, and everyday tasks. This is also one of the most effective ways of giving back to the Niagara Falls community.  If you’re someone who wants to play your part in the community in some way but are restricted financially, time is a priceless gift you can give to the organization. It can end up making a world of difference in the lives of many.

Organizations like Cultivating Hope working for the homeless community in Niagara Falls are always on the lookout for volunteers. Sign up if it’s a cause you’re interested in!

Share Your Connections

Even if you are unable to participate as a volunteer, do you know someone who can?  Do you or your connections have great ideas for inciting new volunteers, donations or fundraising events?
Social media is a powerful tool and sharing an organizations post or helping spread the news about an event is a big help, especially for smaller organizations or those that are just starting out.

Help Cultivating Hope Foundation be know in the community as an organization that wants to help eliminate food insecurity and poverty.  Help us spread the word by sharing us on your social media platforms, telling your friends and connections and talking about us to all.


Help a Child in Need

Some organizations give you the option of sponsoring children, their education, or basic health benefits. You can also volunteer with them to help improve the lives of youths in foster care.   They also provide resources to youths who have aged out of the foster care system, and most organizations are welcoming to volunteers throughout the province.

You can donate or volunteer to organizations like Strive Niagara, and PORT Cares that work for child development.  This way, you can give back to the vulnerable youth in the Niagara Community.


Promote Local Businesses

One of the best ways to support your community is to help local businesses. Especially during COVID19, there have been several small businesses popping up, try to buy from those and as often as possible.

Set aside an area of your website to link to your favorite local companies. Start cross networking with non-competing companies with similar markets as it helps reach more people and help out other local business owners.


Encourage Employees Volunteering

If you’re a business owner, you should encourage your employees to volunteer by offering paid time off volunteering. You can adopt a certain organization or a cause by showing support for it and have a set of employees given a chance to volunteer their time there.

It boosts morale while also increasing your business’s community involvement. Many corporations have started Employee Volunteerism, which allows a specific number of hours each year to a company for volunteer work at a charity of their choice.

Parting Note

You play a vital role in your community as a member. It is important to regularly show support for residents, vulnerable groups, and businesses at the end of the day, helping your community.

Giving back to your community is an act of kindness that might not be appreciated by everyone in need, but you will find inner peace due to it.


At Cultivating Hope, we give back to our Niagara community, by providing charity for the homeless, focusing on food security and training. If you’d like to play your part in helping the homeless, you can donate here.


If you’re someone who has been looking to attend charity events in Niagara, network with people, build new friendships and give back to the community, such events are going to be a treat for you. However, you should also consider donating money to the Cultivating Hope Foundation as we also look after the plight of the homeless in Niagara Falls.

Finding new and innovative fundraising ideas that make people want to participate is always a challenge.  Especially in these Covid-19 times.  How can charities get their message out there and fundraise while still maintaining social distance?  As a potential donour, what would you like to see being done as a fundraiser?


Take the SimplyMerit 4-Hour Challenge - SimplyMerit

We are issuing a challenge:

  • Do you have a new and exciting fundraising idea?
  • Can you think of an activity that is fun and still raise money?
  • and still keep safe by maintaining social distance?


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